Coors Light Bring Early Winter to Dublin with an Unforgettable Ice Cave Experience

by: Antony Hampel

Over the last few years, Coors Light has been accumulating some serious manly appeal with its advertisements featuring movie legend Jean Claude Van Damme. The man of the mountain has given the company a humorous new take on what it means to be ‘ice cold.’ And to cement its reputation, it has been giving beer fans a taste of the frosty life.

coors light ice cave experience dublin

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For a week in August, Coors Light took its legendary pop up ice cave right to the heart of Dublin city. It welcomed revellers free of charge and treated them to sets from resident DJs and fridges fully stocked with the drink of the moment. It also had plenty of thermal capes on hand to keep guests from getting too chilly.

It isn’t the first time that the company has made headlines with its ice cave. The event has popped up in a number of different locations throughout the UK and it has always been a big hit. Consumers relish the chance to do something a little bit different and Coors Light has taken this idea and run with it. It was big news in Ireland, because the country had never hosted an ice cave experience before.

It even contained a GIF wall so that visitors could record a short video of themselves and post it to a big display in the cave. As far as experiential techniques go, this is pretty clever, because footage of the event is bound to be shared online for three times as long as the party was actually in town. The ability to integrate an immersive, physical encounter with digital sharing channels is key for modern brands.

It extends the life of marketing strategies by emphasising their exclusivity. For the people who were there, social media sharing is a way to prove it. It tells friends that they were part of something special and fleeting; something that might never happen again. For those who weren’t there, it’s their only opportunity join in with the fun and see what all the fuss is about. The GIF wall in the ice cave accelerated this process by encouraging guests to share their experience while it was still ongoing.

It is likely that the Coors Light ice cave will continue its tour of Britain, stopping at big cities and delighting beer drinkers wherever it touches down. So, keep ab eye for its big, blue curves in your hometown.