Fuma Kai by Enra - Japanese Multi Media Dance and Martial Arts Team

Fuma Kai by Enra – Japanese Multi Media Dance and Martial Arts Team

In a fast moving world where information and entertainment is on demand and disposable, it’s proving a constant challenge to find live content that will mystify and amaze people.

Enra Dance - Japanese

As an event producer, I am often challenged with having to source or create entertainment for a wide range of events. Sometimes clients can be quite specific in what they require, it may be along the lines of a well known musical entertainer, comedian or host, that’s not such a challenge.

It’s when we need to create a special moment to WOW the guests with something unique that we need to think outside the box to deliver fresh ideation.

Many event planners rely on entertainment agencies to source their talent but this can at times be restricting and you run the risk of booking an act that the guests have seen before.

We tend to keep our eye on what’s trending globally in events and also what’s happening in the performance arts arena such as cultural festivals etc across the planet.

Technology can be a great way to WOW guests if there is a significant budget however; it’s the content that is the important elements. Most of us have now seen big productions with giant screens and lights and although impressive at first, they fail to ignite a sense of excitement when repeated again and again.

Enra multimedia dance martial arts

Do you remember when ‘moving lights’ first appeared? Then AV became center stage over the last 10 years as we experimented with AR and mapping but sadly, the content is/was often disappointing.

Enra multimedia dance and martials arts - japanese

When I stumbled across FUMA-KAI by Enra, I was simply amazed and was so engaged in the performance that it rendered me speechless. Enra is a Japanese multi media dance and martial arts team who have mastered integrated video with technology.

Enra multimedia dance

‘The performers are highly talented martial artists, jugglers and dancers, ?each demonstrates their own specialty in the works that we make.’
‘The final video is simply achieved by projecting the video onto a screen via projector.?the group perform in synchronization with the graphics maintaining the position ?of their bodies and perfecting this through repeated practice.’ ?- nobuyuki hanabusa, director, enra

This incredible integration of video projection and live performance sets a standard and a way forward to explore boundaries of further technology based live performance where there is no limit

Enra have sparked a wave of other multi media dance troupes in Japan who are creating their own customized performance and story telling.

As an event producer, I am inspired by the countless ways we could incorporate such performances in to a variety of events. The technology and content is reasonably scalable and, budget permitting, could be customized for a specific event (as Enra did withfuma-kai’ which was performed in Tokyo for the visit of the IOC evaluation committee, who eventually awarded the 2020 games to the city)

Enra’s FUMA KAI:

enra ” FUMA-KAI “ from enra on Vimeo.

By: Antony Hampel