Greggs Invites Commuters to ‘Sip and Nap’ in Coffee Cup Sleep Pods

by: Antony Hampel

Just last month, popular pasty purveyor, Greggs, did something rather unusual to celebrate its new coffee range. Anybody who wandered down to Potter’s Field, in London, on the 8th of March, might have spotted a prominent change. There were a series of giant coffee cups resting just by Tower Bridge!

Greggs Sip and Nap in Coffee Sleep Pods

They were a part of the Greggs campaign to promote the launch of its extended coffee range. In the past, the chain has only offered a few very basic combinations of hot drink, but now it plans to branch out and give the people what they want – cappuccinos for everybody.

The giant coffee cups ‘or nappccinos,’ were actually miniature beds. Tired shoppers and commuters were invited down to the event to grab a 20 minute power nap and a free cappuccino. The coffee pods were kitted out with soft blankets, pillows, mood lighting, and even a choice of relaxing tunes.

It looks like Greggs really knows its market, because if there’s one thing commuters in London would like more of, it’s time in bed. For a long while, research on the relationship between coffee and alertness has been a bit confusing. Around 57% of the population relies on coffee, in the morning, to wake up, but science says that this doesn’t work.

According to researchers, getting up early and downing a flat white won’t make you more alert. However, they did discover a rather interesting link between coffee and napping. If you drink a strong coffee and then have a 20 minute power nap, you will feel more awake. This is exactly what the giant nappccinos were trying to prove to the general public.

As a promotional event, it was certainly eye catching. It was hard to miss the Greggs coffee pods, so they got a lot of attention from Londoners. The concept worked because it was as much practical as it was frivolous. Yeah, it was a little silly putting commuters to sleep, in public, by the Thames, but it also offered them a bit of insight into their daily routine.

Whether or not this insight will be brought into the actual bedrooms of coffee drinkers remains to be seen, as does the amount of interest that the stunt has stirred up for the new Greggs range. However, the company showed that it knows how to put on a marketing event which turns heads, without being overly flashy or off putting.

by: Antony Hampel, Event Manager of Alive Events Agency