SPECTRA Light Sculpture Installation Event

SPECTRA Light Sculpture Installation Event

Ryoji Ikeda’s SPECTRA commemorated World War 1 but busting through the night sky in a stunning column of white light. Reaching an astonishing 30km in to the night sky from the Victoria Tower Gardens in London, the public exhibit ran for 7 days and engaged people of all ages and was revealed, without warning. The single column of light symbolises and commemorates the night the ‘lamps went out across Europe’ at the start of the war. On the first night of the exhibit , millions of Londoners switched off their lights at home and in the office to honour Britain’s involvement. A grid of lights was established for visitors to walk amongst in the Victoria Gardens next to Parliament as an abstract soundtrack washed over them. Lights also towered over other landmarks

“its as if an alien craft is beaming down a soundtrack by Brian Eno” The Guardian
SPECTRA light sculpture event

Spectra has been exhibited in Paris (same team who lit the Eiffel Tower), Barcelona , Australia and Buenos Aires.

49 powerful spotlights are used to beam the light from “here to eternity” or as it appears so.

Ryoji uses white light as “sculptural material” as its one of the “purest forms of transformation from electricity.

This pure state of energy was designed to “provoke a feeling of something indescribable, something sublime and unearthly , something unforgettable”

And it certainly achieves this.

Watch Videos of Ryoji Ikeda’ SPECTRA

spectra light event by ryoji ikeda in london

By: Antony Hampel