The Immortal World Tour - A riveting fusion of music, dance and Cirque theatrics

The Immortal World Tour – A riveting fusion of music, dance and Cirque theatrics

I’ve found the Cirque shows to be a bit repetitive over the last few years as each ‘new’ production seems to revolve around the original theme. Other than the O Show in Vegas (one of the greatest stage productions I have ever seen), I would have chosen to pass on any new Cirque show. That is, until they acquired the license from the Jackson estate to create and produce the “IMMORTAL WORLD TOUR” , to pay tribute to Michael Jackson (MJ).

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Other than being a great money-spinner for the Jackson estate (pulling in $145m in 2012 alone from the show), it lets the die-hard Jackson fans in to his world and reveals his inspiration and creative process.

I went to see the Melbourne show during October this year and was not sure quite what to expect. I thought that a ‘tribute’ show in the typical sense would be clichéd and disappointing but on this occasion, Cirque delivered on its creative force to deliver a mesmerizing, original and spectacular sensory experience.

The Immortal World Tour is a hybrid of spectacular concert production, theatrics and story telling featuring all the MJ favorites, which had the crowd on its feet at every moment.

By using MJ’s original voice recordings from the songs played back over a live band (many members being from his original touring band), it was easy to imagine that I was actually at an MJ concert…the band and sound production was flawless.


There were no tacky and predictable impersonators of MJ but rather scenes and vignettes inspired by his song, his movement, his sentiment and his stories.
There were no scenes trying to ‘re create’ the infamous music videos but rather an ensemble of acrobats, dancers and aerialists that gave the music a new visual theme.

If I had any criticism, it was at times sentimental and some moments appeared a little drawn out with Cirque Theatrics that didn’t always have a place but that was rare for the rest of the show was so captivating that if you blinked, you would miss so many incredible moments.

The show manages to pay tribute in a respectable way to the legend that is MJ and manages to take us in to his fantasy world where the genius was born.

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By: Antony Hampel