Yousli ... "may contain traces of m-mmmm"

Yousli … “may contain traces of m-mmmm”

Healthy eating on a daily basis can be a challenge. Aside from the major hurdle of finding time to buy fresh quality produce, we then need to navigate through a minefield of mixed and misleading messaging to try and determine what is actually good for us, and what is HEALTH food anyway?

Slowly there is an awareness building about the myth of ‘low fat’ foods and good and bad fats but its a tricky subject and it seems wherever we turn, advice is often contradicted. A Boost Juice can contain far more sugar than a canned soft drink but is it still good for you? Low fat foods often remove the fats almost altogether yet we need GOOD fats (rather than bad), they are essential to a well balanced diet yet few people know the difference between the two. High carb? Low carb? High protein? Low protein? Diet? No Diet.

I have always maintained a theory that tends to cut through a lot of the confusion and that is “the less that humans have interfered with the food the better”!

arabella forge

When I bumped in to an old friend of mine recently (while eating good fats in a favourite french brasserie of mine), he mentioned a new product called YOUSLI which grabbed my attention before I even knew what the product was, great catchy name so I was intrigued. He went on to tell me that its a Muesli based product but you get to create your own mixture of ingredients. By doing this, you get to have more control over not only over the tastes you like but also whats best for your diet and perhaps allergies. YOUSLI includes such a variety of options including activated Almonds which taste great and are easier to digest than normal nuts).

activated almonds

There is no added cane sugar in our muesli, they add coconut sugar – which is a good natural sweetner as it has lower GI.
Yousli is low in carbs and salt as it is made from whole foods, most of the fats are good fats and people are slowly starting to understand the difference between good and bad fats.

The Yousli peeps teamed up with dietician Arabella Forge on all of their recipes and she has developed an online nutritional calculator for YOUSLI.


It’s a great story and a fresh approach to healthy eating that YOU can control and it works out at less than $2.50 a day. By the way, you don’t have to create your own (although its a lot of fun) as they have great pre made options as well.
Give it a try, but we warned, as they warn…may have traces of ” m-mmmm”

By: Antony Hampel