Super Foods for Every Day

p1Oat BranWhilst some struggle with Fad diets only to end up where they started, others work hard at a good balance of healthy food, nutrients and exercise but its not always easy to get the SUPER FOODS we need in our eating plan. Work, location, time and budget can all create obstacles for getting the little top ups to our diet each day that can have great long lasting positive effects to our bodies. Ive always been interested in the food sources that we often lack and how to access them and build them in to my daily routine. A morning smoothie (usually my breakfast) after a workout is always a simple way to throw in a few additions (although I cant say the Fish Oil experiment was a flavoursome one). Each day now I add a tablespoon of Oat Bran, Quinoa, mixed seeeds (inc Pumpkin) and a teaspoon of Super Greens. To keep hunger away all morning I sometimes throw in a whole Weet Bix. The flavour is great and here are the benefits:

The Oat Bran: Its high fiber and significantly lowers cholesterol. Its also a superfood for the heart and keep cardio vascular disease at bay. It also helps with weight loss as its slows digestion so you get hungry too quickly.

Quinoa seeds: A super high anti – oxidant (even more than berries), provides ‘heart healthy’ mono unsaturated fats.

Super Greens/Vital Greens:  One of the best sources of nutrition you can get. available. These are not your every day supermarket greens like lettuce, kale or broccoli. These are a micro algae like spirulina and chlorella that have a variety of nutrients, super high levels of protein, chlorophyll, wheatgrass and barley grass. Supergreens deliver on vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes that are absorbed quickly by the body. The super greens may boost the immune system, detox the body and promote good digestion.

Mixed seeds: Great for Omega threes and essential fatty acid, protein, fibre and zinc. Mixed seeds can be a great immune boosting addition to your diet with Pumpkin and Sesame seeds loaded with Zinc, vitamin A and E.

It can all be overwhelming at times as we are bombarded with so many mixed messages but a few containers with all of the above sitting next to the blender and in no time you’ll be throwing these in every day! quinoa-un-year-2013-1

By: Antony Hampel