Have you wanted your own Mini-Me?

Have you wanted your own Mini-Me?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your very own MINI ME? Well Coca-Cola Israel didn’t just think about it they went about creating it by offering fans 3D mini figurines.

Through a competition mechanic, winners were invited to the coca cola factory where they posed in front of a 3D camera and took home their own MINI ME (well, not me, but MINI THEM if you know what I mean)!



The figurines looked identical only smaller (much) as the special 3D camera completed a full body scan in only a few minutes and 3D printers then created the mini figures.

With so much clutter and noise in the marketing space these days, its getting harder and harder to cut through so hats off to Coca-Cola for creating an experience that the winners will never forget.

By: Antony Hampel