London to Sydney in 4 hours ... fact or fiction?

London to Sydney in 4 hours … fact or fiction?

For many years now I have heard rumours that the aviation industry has long had the technology and blue prints to create an aeroplane that can fly from London to Sydney in 4 hours ! It now appears that BA and Boeing are making this a reality (with a little help from NASA) and although you wont be able to book a ticket on web jet just yet (and certainly not an economy or red e deal price), it is just around the corner.


Its hard to comprehend what type of speeds it would take to travel that distance in 4 hours and the answer is “sonic boom”. At speeds almost twice that of the Concorder, the aptly named “son of concorde” would travel at 4,000km per hour which with my calculations would allow for almost two feature films or 4 episodes of breaking bad and probably just one meal.


I have fond memories of the Concorde when it flew over my home in London in the early 90’s (so accurate was its schedule that you could set your clock by it) albeit leaving a rather daunting shadow and persistent rumble. I would imagine when Son Of Concorde arrived (its real name is X-54), the Concorde will quickly be forgotten.

Fact or fiction??

By: Antony Hampel