Luxe Residence in the Sky

Seats are becoming more comfortable, leg room is increasing, TV screens are standard , bars are popping up at the pointy end and even meals are improving (well, occasionally) not to mention that the cost of flying is coming down.

Many of the world’s top airlines have spent millions of dollars over several years trying to create the ultimate travel experience. We have seen the science behind food enhanced at 40,000 feet, mood lighting, luxe bed linen with super heavy thread counts, and less hassle door to door services such as Limousine transfers included in the ticket as well as speedy check in points for business / first travelers.

The one thing that hasn’t evolved for some time in aviation is speed. It takes around the same time to get from London to Melbourne as it did 20 years ago.

So what IS new? For those not satisfied with flat beds or even the Singapore Airlines First Class ‘suites’, Etihad has introduced an ‘apartment in the sky’!

The Etihad ‘residence’ on board the A380’s is a 3 room suite of 125 square feet that includes a lounge, double bed and an ensuite shower.

The residence also comes with a specially trained butler from the Savoy Hotels to attend to (almost) every need including, of course, breakfast in bed!

At around $45,000 round trip (7hrs) , it will initially it will be available between Abu Dhabi and London with New York and Sydney to follow in 2015.

I would be keen to know the price of a private jet charter and compare as one would think that if you’re happy to spend $45k , why would you want the terrible inconvenience of having to share the plane!!?

In an earlier post I wrote about the ‘son of Concorde’ that could potentially get us from London to Melbourne in 4 hours.!

Would you take to the longer trip with Luxe Residence or the 4 hour super sonic ride in 4 hours flat !?

By: Antony Hampel