Luxury Bed Tester

Fancy a career change? Robert Uy has the enviable job in Dubai at one of the world’s most luxe hotels, Jumeirah Hotel.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai - Luxury Hotel

Jumeirah Hotel

For a perfect nights sleep for the discerning jet-setters and rich and famous who frequent the hotel, Robery Uy needs to guarantee ‘sweet dreams’!
Luxury Bed
Every bed in the Hotel is tested , always lying down on the job, Robert makes sure the beds are just what the customer expects, from firm mattresses to a variety of pillows to choose from.
Robert Uy - Luxury Bed Tester at Jumeirah Beach Hotel Dubai
Originally from the Philippines, Robert was a housekeeping attendant and is now the housekeeping manager at the hotel.

Although it appears to me that he’s always lying down on the job, Robert takes pride in his work who checks that “the bed is soft on the head, medium on the body and that the legs section is firm..this ensure there is no back pain”.

The Burj has Duxiana beds that are custom-made for the Hotel with a “Paskal system with cassettes, which allows us to personalise the beds.”

Around 15 minutes is spent checking each bed and ensuring specific requests are met. “One guest asked that we remove our shoes whilst cleaning the suite and wear slippers whilst his bed sheets had to be ironed ON the bed and not before”.

I’m guessing one of the skills required for this job is patience and attention to detail! And how to ‘get in the door’…well you’d need to start off at the Emirates Academy of Hospitality.

By: Antony Hampel