QT Hotel is More of an Event than a Hotel

For some time now Sydney has been trailing behind the rest of the world with an unimpressive list of boutique 5 star hotels. There have been several attempts over the last decade but sadly most have many paraded as 5 star while delivering barely 4. Now, enter the QT and, to some extend, this new flagship boutique hotel has arrived somewhat quietly but no doubt this is part of a clever soft launch marketing campaign. Of late she is appearing in select magazines and cleverly placed Ads aiming at the Gen Y slightly edgier business traveller, fashionista or entertainment industry guru all looking for the next uber cool offering. In her own words, the QT describes the experience as a
playground for those who love art, design, fashion, music and food.  The lobby is like a scene from a movie with sofas that pop out in an array of colours, high tec digital artworks, theatrical lights, screens showing old movies and an assortment of add collectibles.

The New York Post recently described her as “One of a Kind…cutting edge..eccentric and quirky” and I have to agree however, comfort, luxury  and  great service also stood out, infact, there was little not to like!  The QT has been described as was too over the top and that they should have named it the OTT!

There are no real views from the rooms but there is every conceivable luxury, gadget and well thought out layout.

Its certainly not your conventional business or holiday traveller hotel and the wrong clientele may find it all a bit confronting as the Sydney Morning Herald said  ” The hotel staff were ‘cast’ rather than hired” and “staff Kitted out in a Rocky Horror-esque, military chic get-up”

But the Hotel is fun, its engaging, its unpredictable (although I must say it reminded somewhat of a few of the W Hotel properties, especially one I have stayed at in Hong kong).

Adding to the Theatrics and event type experience are the lifts which can detect how many passengers there are then automatically play a themed piece of music/musac (Single travellers get songs about loneliness, groups get a party track and couples, well, love songs of course)

Sexy teams of young, styled staff (cast), happily greet you when you step out of the cab and at the lobby level reception and, refreshingly, the smiles seem genuine (something alot of other 5 star Hotels could learn from).

I have been staying at the Sheraton On The Park now for several years on every Sydney business trip I do and, even though I probably visit at least 10 times a year, no one ever recalls that I am a regular and I always am asked for I.D when checking in even though I am a gold SPG member…go figure…oh, and goodbye Sheraton On The Park, I have moved around the corner to the QT on Market Street and I wont be coming back.

Here’s a great little guided tour showing all the high tec features of the QT experience QT HOTEL guided tec tour

By: Antony Hampel