The Miss Carter Tour ... Favourite show?

The Miss Carter Tour … Favourite show?

I have been fortunate during my career to have witnessed literally hundreds of shows ranging from Opera to Rock , Pop, Festivals and Musicals and to have also worked on many productions. I love to try and see as many…

The next big West End Musical or a theme park attraction?

King Kong The Musical or the theme park spectacle?

I was both intrigued and excited to see King Kong Live On Stage (aka; The Musical) and share the excitement in Australia staging a ‘world theatre premier’ which is very rare. King Kong Live On Stage is five years in…

3D Mapping to a new level for Audi in Barcelona

The Audi experience created in Barcelona (credit to media espagna) was a part of their mobile marketing activity which has further demonstrated the awesome capability of what mapping can produce when great technical and creative teams are harnessed. I have…

Augmented Reality Tee Shirts – the future of merchandise ?

Could the  future of concert, theatre and festival merchandising be all about augmented reality clothing? According to who brought us the worlds first wearable magazine , the future is here and its as easy as  Rock, Paper , Scissors….