Fit Bit Gives Technology Fans the Run Around at Annual Sport Relief Event

Written by: Antony Hampel

Just last month, US technology company, Fit Bit, pulled out all the stops to raise money for Sport Relief. At the annual fundraising event, which involves many different activities across the country, the brand worked hard to create something spectacular.

This year, it was a kooky obstacle course, complete with an array of challenging tasks. There was a total of eight separate installations, all designed to give young people a chance to raise money for charity and get their hearts pumping at the same time.

The obstacles were inspired by everyday chores. They included a ‘washing machine’ style zip wire, a climbing frame escalator, and a gauntlet challenge. This last obstacle was designed to represent the chaos of commuting on trains and buses.

There was also a giant washing up bowl, filled with a whopping 14,000 plastic balls. And, there was a tricky piano challenge which put balance, agility, and level headedness to the test. The majority of the Fit Bit charity course was created for older children and teenagers, but plenty of intrepid parents also got in on the action.

The event was dreamed up by Fit Bit and its affiliated concept agency, Outside Collective. They brought in the skills of London based event company, The Halo Group, and the crazy course came to life. It was held at the Olympic Park and formed part of a larger Sport Relief fundraising effort on March 20th.

The Halo Group was responsible for the visual design and structure of the course. It used a modular steel build framework as a foundation. The agency handled all cladding and materials needed to create the challenges. Each component was carefully branded, on site, during the preparatory phase of the event.

fit bit event

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The event planning experts at The Halo Group managed to erect the entire course within a tight twelve hour timeframe. The fact that it was so successful says a lot about how important it is to have the support of a reliable event management team. For large scale events, especially, that objective perspective is really valuable.
Fit Bit knows this, which is why it turned to the best in the business for advice on throwing a memorable event. With The Halo Group focusing on the logistics of the day and its physical requirements, the wearable fitness manufacturer had the opportunity to spend more time on marketing and promotion. The result was a fun, fast paced, and tremendously exciting event.