Aston Martin Takes Its Legendary Brand to another Level with New ‘Experience Centre’

by: Antony Hampel

For diehard car enthusiasts, there’s nothing quite like getting up close and personal to a model that you’ve always dreamed about owning. It might be a Citroen DS. It could be a Porsche 918 Spyder. Or, like many longtime motoring fans, you may be lusting after a classically beautiful Aston Martin. Luckily, most big name motoring brands are pretty keen to immerse fans in the look, sound, smell, and mood evoked by their finest cars.

aston martin
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There are a number of ‘brand experience centres’ spread across Europe, in which visitors can admire pristine vehicles and learn a little about the history of the company. It’s the kind of thing that manufacturers have been doing for decades, so it might come as a surprise to find that Aston Martin has only just opened its first. The lavish new space is located in swanky Mayfair and it looks like no expense has been spared.

The aim is, of course, to celebrate everything Aston Martin. The building may look like an upmarket boutique at first glance, but the second gives you a peek at a gorgeous DB11. It sits in pride of place, right in the middle of the floor. And, while it is definitely the dreamboat car that will catch the eye of visitors first, it isn’t the only bit of merchandise on show. There are branded suits, T-shirts, satchels, luggage cases, handbags, and even a pram.

The idea is that Aston Martin fans will take a little time to check out all of the coolest products and commercial pieces that the company has created over the years. They are displayed in stylish surroundings, under clean flattering light, and they offer a snapshot of how the brand has developed. Walking round the shelves, you really get the sense of Aston Martin as more than just a maker of classic cars. It has become a household name; a brand that is synonymous with quality and aesthetic integrity.

Every bit of this new experience centre has been meticulously designed, from the tailor made cabinets to the Nautilus patterned floor. It represents an automotive brand at the top of its game. One that is so recognisable that it can get away with having just a single actual car on show. It remains to be seen whether Aston Martin will follow this launch with more centres throughout the UK or Europe. For the time being, Londoners can get their fill by heading down to Dover Street, in Mayfair.