Carlsberg Creates Amazing Chocolate Bar to Celebrate Easter

Written by: Antony Hampel

The ‘If Carlsberg did…’ slogan is now so well known that lager fans actually have a lot of fun trying to guess the next big concept. Over the years, there has been haircuts, football matches, takeaways, supermarkets, and more. If the Danish brewer can get consumers to chuckle at the joke, it’s a job well done.

It also helps that the company is not averse to flashy events. In previous years, it created some really remarkable visual stunts. Who can forget the beer dispensing billboard? Or the beer dispensing Christmas tree for that matter?

True to form, Carlsberg went big again this Easter, with an amazing chocolate bar. It was a chocolate bar, in a chocolate pub, that was actually made out of chocolate bars. If it sounds a little confusing, just picture your favourite watering hole completely coated in milk chocolate.

Add the slogan ‘If Carlsberg did chocolate bars’ and the joke comes full circle. The stunt was opened on 23rd of March, at the Old Truman Brewery in London. The best thing about the spectacle was that the brand did so well teasing fans with the reveal.

Initially, the chocolate bar was wrapped entirely in foil. However, as soon as midday arrived, the foil was stripped back to uncover a whole pub scene, decked out in chocolate. The scene was a whopping three metres deep, five metres high, and with a weight of half a tonne.

The event management team responsible for the stunt certainly took attention to detail seriously. There was a pub bar, a dartboard, drinking stools, and even a television playing old World Cup footage – all made out of chocolate.

The concept was created by the Carlsberg super team of event planning and event management experts. The collective includes Fold7, OMD, Clifford French, The Marketing Store, Talon, and Blackjack promotions.

And, if the visual spectacle was not enough to draw Carlsberg fans in, the bar was serving free half pints to lucky visitors throughout the day. All drinks were served in a branded chocolate tankard. For revellers enjoying time away from work, it was the ideal mix of surrealism, silliness, and experience.

The actual construction of the chocolate bar was tackled by Blackjack Promotions and Talon Outdoor. OMD UK took responsibility for the promotional materials and getting Carlsberg fans out of their houses and into the midst of the adventure.

According to Carlsberg, the chocolate bar was a chance to get creative and celebrate a time of the year when lots of people are out drinking in traditional pubs. It reminds all customers to drink responsibly and regulate their alcohol consumption if drinking lager during holidays.