Crystal Maze Experience Opens to the Public in March 2016

By: Antony Hampel

the crystal maze

The year 2015 will be remembered for a lot of different trends. It was the year of the hipster, with their perfectly groomed facial hair and ‘too cool for school’ outfits. It saw the emergence of a new kind of female power, with celebs like Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence making headlines for more than just their looks. It was also the year of the live ‘experience.’

There are currently thousands of live escape, lock in, and puzzle games active in the UK. So, it is, perhaps, no surprise to find that one of the most recognisable puzzle games of all time is making a return as a public experience. Yes, nineties television hit The Crystal Maze is on its way to London.

Following a crowdfunding campaign to launch the project in June of this year, organiser Little Lion Entertainment has now announced that The Crystal Maze experience will open to the public in March 2016. The live experience will be located in 30,000 square foot of temporary space between Kings Cross and Angel, in north London.

It will offer visitors the run of a five section set, designed to look like the puzzle areas used in the television show. The sections are as follows; Medieval, Aztec, Industrial, Futuristic, and of course, the Crystal Maze dome itself. Whilst there are no proposals to make the experience a permanent fixture, the organiser does hope to keep the set in place for at least three years.

crystal maze experience

Even though The Crystal Maze does not open its doors for another three months or so, its website has already crashed as a result of huge public interest. You can now buy tickets for the experience, but the website is still having problems coping with surges in traffic. If you are keen to get your hands on some, the best advice is to simply be patient.

If news of the launch date were not enough to stoke anticipation, it has now been revealed that original presenter, Richard O’Brien, will make a return to The Crystal Maze platform in some manner. There are some reports which say that O’Brien will feature as a hologram, but there has been no confirmation of this yet.

What is clear is the excitement of the fans for both the experience and O’Brien himself. The actor, writer, and stage performer is a hugely respected figure for the British arts. He is most well-known for penning hit musical The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but he also hosted The Crystal Maze television show for three years – his participation in this new experience shows just how popular these live games have become.

cyrstal maze photo

By: Antony Hampel