Fruit Juice Brand Robinsons Launches New Campaign to Get the Nation Hydrated

by: Antony Hampel

It is probably not much of a surprise to find out that a huge proportion of Brits aren’t drinking enough water on a day to day basis. This has long been a challenge for both young and older people, because well, there’s just so many other options to choose from. Little ones are opting for brightly coloured – but sugar filled – juice pops and the grownups are committing even bigger sins by supping on enamel staining coffees and corrosive energy drinks.

fruit juice brand robinsons

According to a recent survey carried out by fruit drink brand Robinsons, a whopping 70% of Britons regularly go seven hours or more without a glass of clean, fresh water. This can wreak havoc on the body. It dries out the skin, forces the muscles to work harder, increases the likelihood of migraines, and causes constipation (yes, really). So, the company is now on a mission to educate the nation about the importance of staying hydrated.

And, it is keen to point out that there is a quick and easy way to jazz up the clear stuff if you tend to find water a bit boring. Robinsons spent January of this year touring the country with its extra juicy cordials and new Squashd double concentrate packs. It invaded a thousand British workplaces, with samples on hand, to show people how easy it is to water up, even if you’re stuck behind your desk.

The ‘Enjoy Drinking More Water’ campaign also invites fans of the brand to tweet #EnjoyMoreWater for the chance to win a special ‘smiley’ glass. The Squashd squeezable pod is the newest product in the Robinsons line and it is designed to make drinking water on the go much easier. It is a small, round container that fits in the pocket and can be squeezed for a burst of juicy flavour whenever needed. All consumers have to do is find themselves a glass of the good stuff.

Thus far, the campaign has been an effective one, because the company behind the brand has taken something that can often feel like a chore and made it simpler. By reminding consumers of the health risks of not drinking enough water, it has also inextricably linked its brand with the underlying idea that this is not a choice. They need these products and they need them right now.