The Audi experience created in Barcelona (credit to media espagna) was a part of their mobile marketing activity which has further demonstrated the awesome capability of what mapping can produce when great technical and creative teams are harnessed. I have seen a lot of mapping attempts fall short of leaving audiences speechless (something as event producers we should always aim for) mainly due to lack of clever concept or content ideation. The Audi experience is an exception as we see the clever coming together of controlled environment (optimises experience and design possibilities) , sound, vision and hero car of course !Audi Projection Mapping experience. Designing a mobile environment (pop up) also creates ways to amortise the initial design costs whilst reaching broader audiences. Great work.

Client : NewMedia, Media Production : The Darkroom, Creative Design & Production : Diego De Anna & Bruce Ferguson. Services : Technical design & consulting. Show control programming. GUI development. 7th Sense Delta programming. Multi-projector projection mapping. Six projector full dome projection blending / warping.

by: Ant Hampel

In my travel blog I’ll be writing about extreme holiday experiences, locations, hotels, and affordable luxury experiences (and the not so affordable)! A few random observations on airline products , travel trivia and bits to share will also be included. I am not a global nomad but I  do get around a bit (haha) and I want to share some of these experiences as well. What better way to kick off than with a hotel for the bucket list! The Tierra Patagonia in Chile Tierra Patagonia Hotel and Spa. Overlooking the Andes, the casual luxe design blends seamlessly in to the landscape. Keep a look out for Ted Tuner and Stallone who own property in the area!


tierra 2


By: Antony Hampel

Could the  future of concert, theatre and festival merchandising be all about augmented reality clothing? According to who brought us the worlds first wearable magazine , the future is here and its as easy as  Rock, Paper , Scissors. Augmented Reality tee Shirt Imagine your favourite rock star , performer or superhero coming to life on your Tee Shirt! The applications of this are endless. Perhaps some of the worlds leaders could avoid conflict with a simple game of Rock , Paper, Scissors? We are also seeing some exciting breakthroughs in experiential marketing and events using Augmented Reality with NatGeo pioneering the landscape National Geographic Augmented Reality Event

By: Antony Hampel